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Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Cricket and Limericks plus a touch of the Weather

Some more Cricketing Limericks for fans of them (both Cricket and Limericks ;) )

Cricket is a byword for Weather conversations. Its all about water from the sky, wind from the west, and how the tide affects the pitch when the moon is full. In fact, I'm sure that the reason why English conversation is so skewed towards the weather is because it has such a deep effect on their cricketing psyche. And I'm equally sure that when they go out on tour they carry their damned weather with them. If only we could harness that!

So. All frivolities aside, please.
Serious Question time: How to beak the drought, please?
Answer: Schedule a 5 day test match.
(Of course, since cricket tours are agreed years in advance, you have to know where the droughts are likely to be at that time, natch.) Having said which ...

There's a heat wave thats baking my brain
My body's burned red & my skin is in pain
But there's nothing to fear!
Cos the Cricket is here!
It'll be bucketing down once again

Which satisfies the farmers and the Ducks.
But what about the spectators?
What about the spectators indeed ...

the rain's keeping us all in the shelter
Its cats and its dogs and its helter and skelter
no matter my son
when the cricketing's done
the sun will come out as a belter

All this talking of Rain reminds me, there's one person who makes bowlers and fielders pray for it.
Lots of it. Especially in India.
Especially in, Well, actually ... everywhere ...

the bowlers are praying for rain
Tendulkars at wicket again
a six through the covers
at the end of the overs
sees their averages flush down the drain

But there's always at least one bowler who doesn't seem to mind whose at the crease :)

a fast bowler (we'll call him Dale Steyn)
sends his balls down again and again
if its not past the nose:
its down by the toes
you want runs? there's no gain without pain

Limericks, Cricket, the Weather ... who needs a girlfriend?
I thought I was here for the cricket
drinking beer and pondering the wicket
but the girls in their shorts
cause ungentlemanly thoughts
and most of them perfectly wicked!

yes I could ... yes I could yes I could yes I could ;)

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