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Monday, October 25, 2010

Its not personal: Value and Need

(prelude: I was thinking ...)
What I do not need: it has no value
I have it, own it
then another's need imposes
but if
I do not need the the offer in return
Then give away what has no value
Or be entrapped by that which has no value
(well, that  seems easy, doesn't it?)

I do not need her
Does she have no value?
I do not need her yet I have her
Will another’s need attract her?
Will I feel the need to keep her?
I do not need her
Yet I keep her
Am I possessed by that which has no value?

(Interlude ...)
time imposes value from the past
I did not need it then
I did not need her then
I did not see what was before my very eyes
I did not need yet there indeed was value
Will I now pay the price of careless loss?
Am I possessed by that which had no value?

Image (c) Copyright Cyril Souchon


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