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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Climate Change: From Mae West to Einstein

Somehow, from somewhere two delicious little stories, one about Einstein and the other about that Man’s Man’s Girly Girl Mae West, come to mind.

Mae West! She never invented curves, she just put them out there on show and nothing's been the same since.
You'll probably say this story is apocryphal. Whatever. It goes like this: somewhere out in the mid-Atlantic on one of those marvelous mid-war cruise liners that used to take people from New York to London, Mae ate something that didn't quite agree with her. The captain called for a doctor to come and assist. The medical doctor was beaten to it by a Dr. of Economics, one of Divinity, and three others hoping to play doctor-doctor! You see, when you have a deep interest in a thing, it doesn't matter how little you know about it: you're going to get stuck in.

Just recently, and to the bitter sound of his decreasing research funds, Professor Harold Lewis, the Emeritus professor of Physics at the University of California threw a hissy little fit and publicly stormed out Of the American Physics Society. Like the eager doctors who had degrees which were several degrees South of medicine, self-interest is not going to stop him from meddling in another discipline, even if the world comes to a sloppy slurping washed out end. Not when it means losing out on all those research funds.

The sculptor Jacob Epstein tells the story: "when I was doing Prof Albert Einstein's bust he had many a jibe at the Nazi professors, one hundred of whom had condemned his theory of relativity in a book. ‘Were I wrong,’ he said, one professor would have been enough!’"
One would have been enough ...
Ironically, he would of course have had to be a professor of Physics.

Unlike, ... Oh what the heck! Just enjoy the pictures of the perfectly curvaceous Mae West
(Try to ignore poor old Albert stuck in the middle again!)

Oh, and Salvador Dali Designed and Built a two-seater Love couch in tribute to her lips
... who could resist that?


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