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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I admit it: I loved Doris Day *sigh*

Back in the 60s, it really did not do to admit to liking Doris Day.
I mean like hey, what with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, blah, blah, blah admitting to liking Doris Day was as near as dammit committing social suicide.
So now, after all these years, I finally have the courage to reveal it: I was secretly in love with her.

And yes, she really was quite sexy, there was always something going on underneath that bubbly personality, not just cute, something quite deeply erotic always hinted at. And she had one hell of a figure, and never afraid to use it. That girl in a low-cut dress, when she squeezed her shoulders together then Wham! things would get confused ...
Maybe it's because my mom liked her, and all the other moms liked her.
They do say you fall in love with a girl like your mother, don't they?
All I know is that babe had something: and it's there to see in this clip.
Her natural charm is vividly on display, and, besides everything else, she is just so appealing.
Watch her eyes ... oh lordy lordy, just watch those eyes....  and the little bobbing on her chair when she's into the chorus, or how she turns to people and overwhelms them with a quick, deep look: and then there are her hugs! Who wouldn't want to be hugged by her?
I think I just fell in love all over again *sigh* ... *deepest sigh ever* ...

I reckon I'm going to go right out now and buy myself a CD of her recordings.
I owe it to her after all these years ...
From the Glass Bottomed Boat, this, the impromptu version is my favourite version
But never mind the song: look at the girl and tell me ~ what's not to love? 


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