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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Twittering away the first half of 2010

from the inane ramblings of my muddled mind ... here are some of the words that escaped the filter between my mouth and my brain ...


  • Far, far worse than the man who forgets to put the toilet seat down is the one who does not put it up
  • Birthdays: The only day of the year when everyone congratulates you for just hanging in and staying alive 
  • Birthday thought ... never finished anything ... except chocolate, wine and this piece of cake 
  • Every girl's lament: "Boozy woozy oozy floozy  ... Late again”
  • I'm never right. Except when I'm wrong
  • Moderation in everything - except sex, food, fast cars and women 
  • Women and the Hotel California: you can check in, but you can never leave
  • A bird in the hand wants to go to the movies

  • Remembering JJJ, who taught me that Personal Values rate higher than Corporate Milestones: but you better know who to be honest with
  • Ignorance is bliss: its amazing how important it is for a manager to be in a state of bliss …
  • Submarining: The illusion of playing by Management's rules while silently playing by your own 

  • The point about forgiveness is that if the act of contrition is real and sufficient, then god carries the past-you no longer have to
  • To let go of things - give them away; of people - forgive them and burn their photos; of places - celebrate the new
  • In the comings and goings of my money, I know my friends because they never took any ... I know the cronies because they did
  • The tears of a mother are an endless river that flow from year to year
  • What's said on an aircraft should never leave the cabin
  • You call on a mentor when you have the need to, You call on a friend because you need to
  • When I deny you, disappoint you, your pain is now. My moment of weakness I relive daily, my lack of strength is a marathon of guilt
  • To win a woman's heart, there comes a time when you must risk losing her

  • Words represent thoughts - that much is obvious - but what translates thoughts? 
  • At the back of the mirror lies the other side of my psyche
  • 10 minutes. Sometimes 10 minutes is not 10 minutes. It can stretch and shrink. It just depends on the moment
  • Zen moment: Am I just the passageway for the receptacle known as me?
  • Think of the time between now and when the sun goes down -so many hours, so little time
  • What if my mother was right? 


Anonymous said...

Forgiveness: my grandmother said that! :)

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