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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eagles - Hotel California Live - intro to the Hell Freezes over tour

The last of my friends who checked in back in the 60's and 70's is approaching that time when he has to check out. His room in the hotel is clean these days, but he has to stay there, and every day is another day keeping it that way. At least he got this far: the first to go used lsd wings from the 20-something-th floor of the Hilbrow Ponte building which was new then and a fable to consumerism, snorting, sniffing, puffing and patches.

This is a very smooth version of the song: acoustical: it had a much harder edge back in the late 70's when it came out. Compare it to the older, edgier, version  which is also live but showcases the great hard guitar solo in its original intent. I have a soft spot for the acoustic version, but its the raw rock of the original that still lights the fire in my belly and the anger behind my eyes.

The light passes, but for some the candle flickers in a bare hotel room in an endless darkness of waiting

Lyrics here for those who want to dwell on them for a while


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