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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don’t mind me, I’m just taking up the strain

Don’t mind me
I'm just taking up the strain
Pulling on the rope
dragging on the chain

Don’t wait for me
If you feel you must move on
when the burden’s over
I’ll follow where I can

Too late to be your first
perhaps I’ll be your last
I'm struggling you see
to make the Past be past

I started on this race
without gathering up my strength
I started off the pace
without knowing it’s real length

though the path that I now follow
was made in light of you
There is no obligation
You have your burdens too

We all walk on life’s highway
We all go through its gate
It is no fault of ours
If some arrive too late

Sometimes my strength is waning
I fear the coming trial
I keep my hopes before me
to win the final mile

And whether, Dearest dearest
I fail or pull it through
this: the final test -
holds pain and pleasure too


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