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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The difference between caring and just remembering

We used to send cards on birthdays and anniversaries because we wanted to show that we remembered.

These days, Facebook, eCards, etc etc, have made it all rather trivial. Can you be sure if you've really been remembered? Its just as likely to be the automated memory of Facebook (yet, yet ... note to my Facebook friends below :)). Anyone can do it, and everyone does. And we reply to all “Hey, thanks to everyone for remembering my <choose the occasion> it was really cool I love you all smiley face” Sheesh, the thanks can be as shallow as the remembering!

So these days going out and buying the card and putting your name to it lifts it from the “oh, yeah, click the button” to something that is a genuine "act of remembering". The act of buying is part of the act of remembering.

Home made cards and invitations ~ they hold a special place in the heart, don't you think?
Here is the true difference between remembering and caring. Its a truism that over time people forget what you said back in the day, they forget what you did at the time; but they never forget how you made them feel. Hand written and drawn cards make you feel special, and while the message inside is soon forgotten, the feeling of belonging in someone's heart endures.

Which finally brings me to this card: This birthday, as in so many before: I really did feel special :)
yet ... yet .. note to my Facebook friends ...

I love it that you post greetings on my wall, on birthdays and other special days ..
I love answering, I love it that sometimes we catch up and get together again ..
or maybe just reconnect .. that long distance recollection of what was, and might be again.
So don't stop doing it, because I won't either, this annual reaching and out touching across the virtual world is important, in its own, special way :)


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