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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lazy Autumn days in the Cape

I came down to the Cape last Friday, and spent the weekend looking after the kidz' dog and the farmhouse while they went hiking and climbing.

Down here in this rather less sunny part of Sunny South Africa, Autumn is everywhere, and the cold Atlantic sends us fog in the early morning and icy breezes during the day. They interrupt the warm sun with a tart reminder that Winter is on it's way. So unlike the balmy autumn days of the joburg highveld!

What's better on Sunday than time spent on the beach? Don't answer: this is not about you, its about me :) It's a short trip from the farm to Muizenburg and its beach, where the surfers were taking in a last chance to get on their boards. Here its a family thing, with parents surfing with their children, couples making out in the waves, and the odd serious surfer dude/dudette looking on it all in disdain.

There is a slightly run down Cafe - the Gaslight cafe - close to the beachfront. Not that it is unhygienic, just not modern and spiffy. But it makes a wonderful breakfast, and you can have breakfast at any time of the day and night. If you are prepared to tolerate the bare walls and the broken view of the sea (through the car park!) then you are rewarded by a fine breakfast at a reasonable price and a view of the passing parade through the floor to ceiling windows.

So that was me on Sunday:

A long lazy stroll along the beachfront, following the railway line from Muizenburg to St James, wet feet as the returning tide caught up with me on the way back to the Gaslight cafe's simple and satisfying breakfast. Sometimes Sundays can be nearly perfect, can't they?


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