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Friday, January 1, 2010

The couch, the airport, the long wait

Redecorating should be approached with caution.

I know this: repaint the walls, and you will find that the curtains look tatty.
You can end up with a new bedroom suite just by changing the carpet in the living room.

Sophie (the couch) has been in dire need of a new wardrobe for quite some time now.
Not only has her covering becomes faded and stained (there are stains on the stains!), and the odd cigarette hole (now strategically hidden by cushions) blemished her modesty, but her holiday covers just don't fit into the space that she finds herself in these days.

She becomes understandably nervous every time I tell anyone who'll listen that she's about to be re-covered. After all, my fashion design and colour coordination are the subject of happy amusement amongst my so-called friends. My fashion sense extends to knowing that I have bought the wrong thing after I have arrived home. Well, at least I know my mistakes! It has cost me money in the past, not to mention the hoots of derision from all and sundry.

Last July Duncan and Gosia took the matter in hand while I was down in Cape Town and chose the New Material. The Birthday Present: all that was left for me to do was to bring it back to Joburg, find an upholsterer, and all would be good.

The wheels came off at Joburg International -ORT. For some reason there weren't enough trolleys for everybody. So I thought "it's not far, I'll just carry this lot to the car". Four suitcases, one under each arm, and the heavy curtain suitcase gripped in the left-hand.

Next morning I woke up with a compressed spine, a dislocated arm, and pulled muscles in my back and neck. Somehow in recovering from all of that, Sophie has been forgotten, as well as her new wardrobe.

Looking at her today, stained and worn, I decided.
This month, Sophie: the long wait is over.
Just you wait and see, and don't be surprised if the carpet in the spare room suddenly changes colour too!


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