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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rome and the Barbarians: the never-ending rise of empire

Even though the Barbarians hated Rome, they feared it more. When they destroyed it, its spirit remained and has infused every empire since, all of whom have suffered, or in the case of America, are suffering its fate.

While it is true that the citizens of empire are not evil, the mist of the spirit of Rome clouds their eyes, distorts their judgement, and drugs their senses.
They become "Romans", renamed as Americans, or Colonialists, or Soviets.

When the Barbarians bring down the walls, they take on the spirit of Rome. It is a battle they cannot win, in the spirit of Rome they find their match. Their hearts become Roman.

The spirit infuses their language, it becomes patronising, the language of the master is always the language of Rome. This is how Empire stamps its authority: by taking the spirit of Rome and suffusing it throughout its language.

When the Roman speaks, the peoples know their places.
When the fall comes, the Roman loses not only empire, but also the preeminence of language.
We are all Romans: we are all Barbarians.


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