arbitrary stuff that comes to mind: whenever I feel like thinking aloud

Life's Lessons

This is an Archive of things that I learned from all the important people in my life ~ my family, (grandmother!), mentors and friends.
To you all, I owe so much
And yes, some things I did work out myself!
Its all personal, and if you can take something away from it, then that would be good too ...

My Grandmother said ...
About Heaven and Hell, and souls as light as a feather
About regret, and forgetting, and living in the moment
Arising: beyond body, belief, and into the meaning of it all
Marriage: it's not about me, it's not about you: it's about us
Sorry? Three steps: the Mouth, Hands and Head
Life's lessons and thoughts
A River of Tears
In the shadows of relationships: “Notafrend” and “Justafrend”
Freedom and the Ties that Bind
Pearls and Commitment
Russian Wedding Rings and the meaning of Love
Stirrings of Manhood
The difference between caring and just remembering


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