arbitrary stuff that comes to mind: whenever I feel like thinking aloud

Doggerel ~ or Verse!

This is my Archive of poems and poetry related posts ~
I'm not quite a poet, but I am drawn to it
Its up to you then, "choosing to read, or just passing through"
feel free to comment on it
Much of it is really quite personal, but that would be for someone else to know ...

Titles of my Poems
advice for the boys (who would be men)
At the first turning of the second stair
Don’t mind me, I’m just taking up the strain
Honey pots and horses
Its not personal: Value and Need
Look at the Clown …
On having her on my mind, afraid of what is being dusted off
one new message! but its not from you
Sad tale of the sexes
Sea and Land, Land and Sea
The Echo Remains, the song won't fade
The Past is an Old Man's Country
Thoughts at my son's wedding

Commentary and Criticisms
In praise of Ambiguity and the Tender Trap
In the name of those who have died for causes not of their own choosing
My Father, like so many fathers of his generation, kept his silence about the war


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